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Spring Cleaning Community 

Hello! Welcome to our Spring Cleaning Community. We are so excited to have you join us! We want to encourage you to enter this season feeling refreshed and uplifted while also building a corner on the internet where we can keep each other accountable to all the goals and changes we want to see this spring. 

Okay, I know what you may be thinking, "okay that all sounds great but - Where do I begin!?"  

Well, we are in the business of transforming spaces and giving them a complete makeover so that our homes sell for top dollar. Often times, after we finish staging a home to sell our clients will say "I wished my home looked like this when I lived here..." 

So we thought to ourselves, let's help encourage our online community to transform their homes by sharing our knowledge and encouragement to implement the simplest tasks to leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished. 


When you have a clear space, and a room that feels complete that will reflect in your mind and in your overall health and wellness. 

We want you to dedicate this month with us as we motivate you to focus on the wellness of your home, having an overall impact on your wellness as the wonderful person you are. 


It's time to spring clean! It's time to declutter, it's time to decorate and design...and it's time that you stop trying to do that by yourself and join in with us so we can help guide you through! 

So what can you expect this April 2021 by joining this community? 

  • 1 FREE downloadable April Challenge Calendar 

  • mood boosting Spring cleaning playlist curated by our team 

  • a customized Amazon Shopping list: we gathered our favorite décor and organizing tools in this list to get you started! 

  • a cleaner space! 

  • a clearer mind! 

  • new friends who are joining in on this challenge with you!

  • an overall destress and wellness check 

  • a chance to win 4 different giveaways

More about the Giveaways! (Pictured Below) 


We have the entire month of April planned out for you with weekly challenges...and of course we will be doing weekly GIVEAWAYS! It's important to reward hard work!  For this spring cleaning challenge we have partnered with Rosen Slate

Rosen Slate makes custom engraved designs for any and all things, we are so excited to gift you with some one of a kind pieces made from a local woman owned company! 


We are looking forward to watching you progress and grow through this challenge. Let's enter spring on a good note! Make sure to fill our the registration form on this page so we can get you started! 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


The GIVEAWAYS from @RosenSlate

Spring Cleaning Inspiration

Image by Minh Pham


Let's start spring off on a good note!

During this entire month of April you will begin to see a a huge improvement in your décor, living spaces, kitchen, bath & bedroom by following our daily tasks, tips and instructions. We will keep you updated throughout the week with check-ins and incentives to keep you focused on your goals! 

Grey Chair With Cushion
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