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New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the new TPG Staging & Design Blog.

I am so glad you're here! If we haven't already met, I'm Gail! I am the Accredited Staging Professional with TPG Staging & Design. I studied interior design at Western Michigan University, and love helping clients create spaces that feel inviting, while emphasizing the greatest features of their homes. I specialize in staging and designing Residential properties. I truly understand the importance and impact of a great first impression and I am passionate to deliver that for each home I stage or design. I am married to my husband Ryan, and we have a sweet Fur baby, Milton (he's even made an appearance in one of our videos and thinks he's puppy famous now! ha). We love spending time with our family and friends, traveling, taking in a good country concert, and I always have a home project on the to do list.

I can’t wait to share all things staging & design and help you create a space you love.

Welcome home!

What we've been up to...

Have you seen my latest video discussing the staging process and some of the services we offer?

I'm constantly posting to my socials check them out below for more!!

Services We Provide


- STAGING (Vacant & Occupied)

Vacant staging no one is living in the home, or it is a new construction home that is empty. In either case it starts with an empty home and a blank canvas for staging!

Occupied staging is when the homeowner is selling but still living in their home. In this instance we bring in anything from just Art and decor accessories, to a kitchen table, barstools, some accent chairs etc. Depending on what the client currently has we bring in items that work with and enhance their current decor and design scheme and make it cohesive.

In either type of staging the first step is we meeting with the client and determine how much furniture, art, decor accessories etc. is needed. This is typically based on our clients overall goals for selling and what we can do from a staging and design perspective to get them there. Size of the home, budget, timeframe, etc., etc., are typically what helps us determine this.

No two stages or clients are the same and I LOVE that! I work with each client directly and talk through a plan to get them to their goal.


Design covers soooo much. I help clients with anything and everything ranging from choosing paint colors, to re-arranging furniture, to finding art, accessories and or furniture, all the way to completely remodeling one room or multiple rooms in a home. The possibilities are endless and can be as basic or as hands on as you are wanting help with!

Just like staging the design also starts with a consultation to determine what the client is looking for and then we make a plan to get you there!


Coming Soon...

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