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2022 Journal Reflections with Gail Silver.

Answers by Gail Silver, TPG Staging & Design.

1. What was your favorite Design/Staging Project from 2022?

I have many that I loved but was it even 2022 if I don't say the Sexy Dutch? The SD project was fun throughout the whole process and it really became a personality all its own- I mean we even named it! But in all seriousness this home was a huge transformation, and I love that we were able to show that you don't have to do a ton or have a massive budget to achieve some really great updates! Seeing it come full circle is always so rewarding- but what is the absolute best part was that the buyers LOVED it and sent their agent photos once they moved in with their furniture and things saying they hope they made me proud with how they made it their own- THE BEST FEELING and what its really all about!


2. What was your biggest lesson learned this past year: personally & professionally?

Communicate, communicate, communicate. I get the amazing opportunity to work with so many different types of people- and while that is great it does bring its challenges because not everyone communicates the same. I have never had a bad outcome from over communicating- my biggest take away from this year is-if you aren't sure of something- don't assume, double check! People are busy, and going in a million directions- extra communication never hurts- and they will probably be appreciative.


3. What has been your go-to product?

I have a LONG list of products I love, but since we're at the end of the year I'm going to give you my 2 favorite self care go-to’s! After a long day of staging or being on your feet- this foot cream is magical! Haha I rub this on my feet before going to bed, and it is like a mini relaxing and soothing spa treatment for your feet! Ahhhmazing!

This lip mask is my ride or die, use every night, and have re-purchased over and over again hands down all time FAVORITE product. Especially with the dry winter ahead this helps avoid dry cracked lips- I can't be without this stuff! In the morning my lips are still hydrated (dare I say- Crack free?)


4. If 2022 was a color what would it have been?

Green! Oddly enough one of the most popular colors this year was various shades of green- but I chose it for this year because it represents resilience, growth, balance and certain hues are said to have a calming effect which helps increase focus! The past couple years have been wild. I have worked through and learned so much and it's been an amazing ride! We made it through for the better and there is so much to look forward to- so green seems very fitting to describe this year!!


5. What is your favorite new décor item from the staging collection this year?

In the effort to keep things festive- I added some amazing “gold ring” side tables to our inventory and they are one of my favorite new pieces. They have a mirrored top- so they are also great for use as night stands and are very chic! When selecting items for our inventory I try to select pieces that will fit within many different design styles and have multiple uses!


6. In what ways do you see TPG growing in 2023?

I am so excited for 2023! 2022 was a GREAT year for growth- there is just so much more to come! We made some great connections with Realtors this year and are excited to foster those relationships and continue to help sellers set their listing apart on the market! It's all about the first impression and WOW factor- that alone puts $$ in their pocket!!

We’re adding new design software that will take our design process to the next level!! Better visuals, and more to offer in the design space overall! This year we did a few trial runs with Holiday décor in home and business- so we may be adding a limited number of spots in 2023 to add some holiday cheer!


7. What will you incorporate into your routine in 2023?

Ok, I read an article and this lady added a 30 second little happy dance sesh to her morning routine and I am totally going to try it!! Talk about a positive way to start your day- I mean can you even be mad about that- I think not! I'll keep you posted on this!!


8. Is there a place (restaurant, store, event) that you visited in 2022 that inspired or influenced your design?

Totally! We went to Nashville in March- and there are so many restaurants and boutiques and hotels with some amazing décor and style- talk about inspo! And no- it's not all cowboys hats and boots! Haha Anyways- We went to the Twelve Thirty Club (I'm pretty sure it's Justin Timberlake's bar) and fell in love with so many parts of the style there! It's like Modern Art Deco and just beautiful! My husband even loved it! And I'm pretty sure that's where the inspo came for the Black wall I signed my husband up to paint in our house! Some really great design elements throughout, some gorgeous bold colors, and even the bathrooms were stunning!


9. What is one place you are looking forward to visiting in 2023?

We’re checking a bucket list destination off our list and going to Napa! The best part is we’re going with an amazing group of friends and I couldn't be more excited! You better believe I will be checking out all things design at the different places we stop!


10. Final Thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading through these journal prompts with me. I am looking forward to sharing all of our designs, stages and transformations next year!

It has been such an honor to work with all of my amazing clients and I can't wait to see what 2023 has in store!

If you aren't already, make sure to follow me on Instagram & fb @tpgstaging - that way you can see more behind the scenes content and tips on how to get organized, design for less and make your house feel more like home!

With Love,

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